Tracking Your Numbers & Testing Your Front End Salespages

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Want to know why the average business owner stays in the same spot every single day? It’s because they don’t actually know their numbers, they don’t know what it costs them to acquire a customer, what the average cart value is, the lifetime value, etc..

This is why they stay in the same spot every single month and never make any progress. I go over exactly what you need to start doing every single day in order to get ahold of your business metrics.

I also dive into my front end salespage tests for my Audiobook and why you always need to be testing your front end salespages.

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About The Author

Mike Buontempo is the Founder and CEO of Partner With Mike B. He's produced Millions of Dollars in Revenue for his own companies. He also Consults with High Level 6 and 7 Figure Companies on Traffic Generation, Sales Funnel Strategy, and Customer Value Optimization.