2 Simple Tricks To Increase Your Facebook Ads Click-Through Rate [Podcast]

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Want to increase your CTR’s and get cheaper traffic? Well of course you do! In this brand new episode we go over exactly how we increase Click-Through Rates with Facebook Ads using two simple tricks we’ve used from Millions of Dollars in Testing Paid Traffic 🙂

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The Two FREE sites we use to actually edit our images and make them more Clickable
  • How to Save .50 for each and every single click you send to your Website
  • The Banner Color We Use on Google Display Network to get a Higher CTR
  • The Hiring Funnel we put people through when Hiring a new Media Buyer

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About The Author

Mike Buontempo is the Founder and CEO of Partner With Mike B. He's produced Millions of Dollars in Revenue for his own companies. He also Consults with High Level 6 and 7 Figure Companies on Traffic Generation, Sales Funnel Strategy, and Customer Value Optimization.