#1 Tip When Hiring a Superstar Salesperson

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In this podcast we go over the #1 thing I do in my first interview when hiring a new salesperson.


What’s up, guys? Mike Buontempo here. Just wanted to shoot this podcast to tell you how you can easily weed a lot of salespeople out and to find your superstar. It’s such a simple, simple trick. It literally works wonders. I took this from Chet Holmes, his Ultimate Sales Machine book. It’s a great book. On my first interview, whenever I do my first interview, I literally … I ask all the regular questions. You know, “Tell me how great of a salesperson you are.” We go through the whole spiel. I don’t know. It’s five, six minutes. I don’t take too much weight into it.

Obviously I care what they have to say, but the biggest thing that I get out of the initial conversation is this: I will say to them … I’ll set them up and I’ll say, “How long do you go after a prospect? When do you stop pursuing a prospect?” A lot of people tell me, “Oh, you know, I take seven no’s or eight no’s. Buy until they fucking die.” Something to that effect. Then I’ll ask a couple more questions. Obviously they just said that they don’t take no for an answer, supposedly. Then at the end of it, I’ll just go to them and I’ll simply deny them. What I mean by that is I’ll go to them and I’ll say, “Hey, man. You seem like a nice guy, man, but I just don’t think you’re a sales superstar.” It’s funny how many people just literally crawl back into a hole and just go, “All right. Okay. Well thanks for your time.”

Listen. Superstars never crumble. People that are a superstar, they’re going to come back at you and be like, “Well why? Why don’t you think I’m a superstar? No. Yes, I am a superstar.” How do you think a salesperson is going to be on a call if they get one objection? If they can’t get through your simple objection of you saying that you don’t think they’re that good, what do you think is going to happen on a sales call? The same thing is going to come up. It’s literally just such a simple key tell. If you tell them, “Hey, listen. You know what? I don’t think you’re that good,” and they just shut down, that’s all you’ve got to know about them. They can say everything that’s perfect in the interview, but if they can’t get over that little denial, how do you think they’re going to act when a prospect is telling them, “I don’t think your product is that good,” or whatever?

Literally the sales guy could be like, “Oh, I was the number one rep in …” Whatever. Gary Vaynerchuk’s company or whatever. If they can’t get over a simple denial, they’re not good. When you’re talking with your salespeople, when you’re talking to a person who wants to be your salesperson, you’re looking for a guy with an ego. Okay? In a lot of jobs, you don’t want that, but in sales you need somebody that has an ego, that thinks they’re the king of the fucking jungle, okay? They’re going to think so highly of themselves that they’re going to be able to close a lot more deals. My top sales guy, he’s got a big ego. We talk about it. He knows it. Sorry about that. He’s got a big ego, but he closes because he knows he’s good and he has that edge. The best salespeople, they have that edge and they know. They have that cockiness and that swagger to them that, “Listen, I’m going to close you no matter what.”

If you are hiring salespeople, that’s the kind of person you need. You need somebody that’s going to come back at you when you say, “Hey, man. I don’t think you’re that good of a salesperson.” They’ll be like, “Well what are you talking about? Were you just listening to me?” Something like that. If they shut down, that’s how they’re going to be on sales calls. They’re not going to close for you or they’re going to be average. So many people shut down just at a simple denial. “No, I don’t think you’re that good.” “Oh, all right.” They’re done. They’ll jump right off the call. Like that, if you’re hiring a salesperson or if you’re actually trying to get a sales job … If you ever get that question or if somebody is testing you a little bit, you have to come with bravado. If you don’t come with bravado, I wouldn’t hire you. If you’re doing sales for a company, they shouldn’t hire you at all either.

You have to have the ego, that bravado. I hope this helped a couple of you. Should be a forum to work with me if you want to build a high ticket sales team of your own. If you have any questions, just let me know. Leave me a comment. Give me a share. Talk to you guys soon.

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