Winning Through Intimidation and How To Get People To Take You More Seriously

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Yo, what’s up, guys? Mike Buontempo here. Just leaving my office real quick to go get a bite to eat.

What I wanted to talk to you today about is setting yourself up for people essentially not to waste your time, so people take you more seriously. When you’re first getting started and you don’t know a lot of these things … When you’re first getting started, you kind of just take whatever’s given to you, and you don’t have a power position, so to speak.

One of my favorite books is Winning Through Intimidation, and it talks about how this real estate agent started closing more deals by making himself seem more powerful and walking around in a suit and having these really nice business cards, and having these assistants travel with him every time. Whenever people dealt with him, they felt like he was very, very important. That’s kind of just perception, you know?

That’s kind of just perception. You can be broke and not be anybody, but if people’s perception of you is that you have a lot of money, because you’re portrayed yourself, or if you’ve portrayed yourself as powerful by having really nice business cards and having nice pamphlets and having a big team and being hard to reach and stuff like that, it puts you in a power position, and whenever you’re in a power position, you’re able to really set the rules.

With that being said, and I’ve kind of been through this a little bit with hiring salespeople and hiring people, I don’t have the nicest office or whatever, but when you can set the precedent that you have a big company and you’re very successful, it’s a lot easier to hire people.

One of the things I’m focusing on when I interview somebody for a sales position, first off, I’m having them call me, and I let them know at that time, “Listen, you’re going to call me at this time, 5 o’clock. If you don’t call me, I already know you’re not serious. If you miss our call, I know you’re not serious. If you’re late for our call, I’m not even going to entertain it.” I’m setting myself up that way. Essentially, do not waste my time. This is very serious, you only have one shot, blah blah blah.

Then we’re going through a whole interview process. I have a bunch of questions, I ask them, to make sure they’re good. One of the big things that I’ve found is, you have to tell people exactly what you want in order to get things done and be seen as an authority. One of the things I tell people is, right after we get done with the interview, I say, “Hey, listen. You need to finish up these videos, these training videos, by either tonight or tomorrow and let me know two things you thought about them, blah blah blah.” If you do not let me know what’s going on, if you do not let me know, “I finished the videos”, and you don’t let me know, I can already tell you’re not serious. I’m going to boot you to the curb, I’ve got enough people.

You have to set a precedent like this and actually tell people what’s going to happen. If they don’t respond to you, you’re going to kick them to the curb, because if not, they’re not going to value what you’re bringing to the table. They just don’t care. They won’t respond to you, they won’t show you a higher regard. So whenever you’re selling somebody, whenever you’re hiring somebody, you need to set the precedent and tell them exactly what’s going to happen, and if those terms aren’t met, then the deal is over. Everything is on your terms, it’s not on their terms, okay? You need to show that authority, and when you do that, things are going to be a lot easier for you to close.

Listen, I’ll tell people, “Listen, if you don’t call me at this exact time for our interview, you’re already weeded out. Listen, if you don’t get through these training videos by this time and ping me, you’re already weeded out.” They know I’m serious. I’m going to weed people out. And people … you’re going to see, a lot more people are going to get back to you. When you’re doing your coaching sales, stuff like that, “Listen, we have a time set at this. If you miss it, you don’t get another chance.”

You have to put yourself in a higher regard so people respect you, they don’t waste your time, and you know, they’re only going to get one shot with you. Really, really highly recommend you check out Winning Through Intimidation, this is a lot of stuff I’ve learned, and I’ve got to read the book again, but really, really helped me with a lot of this stuff. Listen, if you’re going to waste my time, I’m going to weed you out real quick. Read that book, some of my thoughts for today. If you’ve got any questions, let me know. Hope you enjoyed it. Talk to you soon.

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