They All Said I Couldn’t Close $8,000 Deals Over The Phone…Until I Did!

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Yo, what’s going on guys. Mike Buontempo here. Let me just roll up these windows. I’m on my way to the gym right now. What I wanted to talk to you today about, and I think I’ve talked a little bit about this on the podcast before, is you really gotta stop listening to people who say it can’t be done and their opinions on things that they’ve never done.

That’s kind of such a cliché statement, but what I wanted to say about that is, I had a sales guy once who worked with me, say he was a real big shot. He said he ran some big time sales floor and all this stuff. Sorry guys, I’m on the highway and ’bout to get off. He ran this big sales floor, and essentially he kind of coaxed me into selling my little mastermind for 50 bucks and testing it out and everything. We did like a $50 trial or something like that. I don’t know exactly, but essentially he wanted to sell low ticket product to my customers. He did okay with it. I mean, the numbers never panned out. I paid him way too high of a CPA.

But the main point I’m getting to is I said, “I wanna sell at an $8,000 price point.” You know, Russell Brunson kind of taught me that. I was going off of his script and off his high-ticket secrets product. The guy told me I would never, never be able to sell at $8,000 to these people. Ever. He told me I’d never be able to do it. He said it’s, you know, pretty much said it was impossible.

Then, I ended up getting rid of him because we batted heads, and he didn’t wanna do things my way. I ended up bringing on … Brought on this kid, this kid Nick. You know, high school kid. We both didn’t know what we were doing really at all. I just had a script, I had a little bit of training from Russell Brunson. We ended up closing a nice six figures our first year doing it, like in the first four or five months.

Literally, I never had any sales experience, like at all. I literally followed the script and we were selling $8,000 packages. One guys said it was impossible, and I heard this from other people, like, “Oh, you know, you can’t sell $8,000 packages.” And we did it to these exact people, to these people that said you could never do it.

You know what amazes me too to this day, is I’ll hire sales people, and they’ll be like, “Oh, well, you know, you can’t do this,” or ,”No, the leads aren’t good,” or always, always complaining that it can’t be done when it’s already been done. Well, maybe you’re just not that good of a salesperson. Maybe, you didn’t put in enough time to actually see something through. Really, it amazes me how many guys just, they quit so easily, or they have such a defeatist attitude. “Oh, you know, I can’t do it this way. You can’t do this way,” until it’s done.

It’s crazy, guys. Literally, there’s so many people are gonna just say, “Oh, you can’t do it this way.” But you try it, and you figure out that it works, and then, obviously can be done.

So the main point of this podcast is today … Listen, if somebody else is doing it, and you know it could be done, it can be done. Stop listenin’ to these people. “Oh, you know, you can’t close high ticket deals,” or ,”Oh, you can’t do it this way.” Listen, stop listening to these people. They’re defeatists. They’re already defeated out of the gate. They don’t think it could be done. “Oh, you know,” if I would’ve listened to all these people, “Oh, you know, you can’t sell $8,000 packages over the phone to these Biz Opp leads.”

Well, why is everybody else doing it? How is everybody else doing it? It could be done. You just can’t see it in your realm of possibilities. So, listen, guys. A lot of things can be done. Stop listening to these people who are saying that it can’t be done. If other people are doing it, if you believe you could do it, you gotta give it a valiant effort. Stop listening these people are gonna kill, kill your dreams. Kill, kill the things that you wanna do ’cause they will kill it if you let them. If you let them just kill, kill what you got going, they will kill it, unless you have a very, very, deep belief in yourself.

So, that’s it for this podcast. If you enjoyed it, lemme know. Talk to you guys later.

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