How To Hire Salespeople, Assistants, Affiliate Managers and More Using The 80/20 Rule

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What’s up guys? Mike Buontempo here. Just leaving my office to go grab something to eat. What I’ve really … One of the books that I recently re-picked up, and it’s one of my favorite books is called 80/20. It’s by Perry Marshall. He talks about the 80/20s in your life, you’re going to get 80% results from 20% of your efforts, 80% of your revenue from 20% of your customers. That’s very true in my business.

What I wanted to test, and he talks about it in his book, is instead of letting people tell me how great they are as a sales person, essentially go through this whole sales process … Obviously I want to do the interview and I want to kind of talk to them and make sure they’re decent. They’re decent as a sales person. But what I’ve been doing is, I’ve essentially be letting them come aboard and test out some leads, test out 100 leads on a two week trial basis, and seeing if they’re any good. That’s simply it.

I go through the initial interview process, which is, we get on a call. We see if you’re any good. Then I send you over, what a prospect goes through. I send you over my six step process. If you finish that, then you get my sales training. After you finish that, then you get some leads.

The whole thing is, you’re going to have so many sales people that just aren’t that good, or going to waste your time. Literally it’s working, it works so much better this way, where you’re just able to say, “Listen, we’re going to put you on a two week trial basis. Here’s some training. Here’s how everything works. Here’s 100 leads, let me see how you do.”

The leads are obviously, they’re second pass-throughs. A second pass-through means that they’ve already been worked a little bit by my sales people. For some reason or another, they didn’t close. Maybe my sales people didn’t follow up enough. Maybe they never contacted, whatever. At the end of the day, you’re still able to close second pass-throughs.

With that being said, and Perry Marshall goes through this in his book. Literally whenever he does hiring, and I think it’s great, he’ll just to give people like a two week trial basis and will be like, “Prove to me how good you are.” Literally just, “Okay, you say you’re so good on the phone. You say you’re so great. I’ll give you a two week trial basis, we’ll see how good you are. If you’re good, I’ll bring you on full-time. If you’re not any good, you know, we’re going to see real quick.”

I highly, highly recommend that you try this, whether you’re working with an assistant, whether you’re working with an affiliate manager, whether you’re working with a salesperson. Give them a two week trial. Tell them to prove themselves because you’re going to find that one of these guys that you do the two-week trial for are head and shoulders so, so much better than the other people. It’s going to work out. And you might not find that person because you were being a little bit too fine with your hiring. Maybe some guy said something you liked on an interview that you liked, and you brought him on instead of trying somebody else.

Listen, results talk bullshit walks. That, at the end of the day that’s what you want. Go out there. Give these people a two week trial. See what they’ve got. One’s going to be head and shoulders above the rest. You’re going to find your superstar and it’s going to work out well. Hope this helped you out. Talk to you guys soon.

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