Hiring Superstar Sales People That Close $8,000 – $25,000 Deals Every Week

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High Ticket Sales

If you really want to get to the next level in Digital Marketing, then I highly suggest you have a High Ticket offer in the back end of your Sales Funnel. It will completely change your business as it has mine. I can now go out and spend a ton more than my competitors, scale a lot faster, and get better clients that will spend $8,000 – $25,000 to work with me.

However, the biggest problem people seem to have with High Ticket offers, is putting together a Superstar Sales Team. I’ll be the first to say, it is not easy by any means. It’s taking me almost 2 years to figure out how to hire, motivate, and find the right salespeople for my company. The people I hire are straight commission. 15% Commissions on everything they sell.

I wanna go over 4 things that have helped me immensely when searching for Superstar Salespeople.

  1. When you are hiring them, you need to “deny” them. Let them know you don’t think they’re a Superstar. I’ve had people who have incredible resumes completely crumble with this one line. They hang up, say ok, give up etc. If someone is going to give up that easily with one objection, what do you think is going to happen when they’re on a Sales Call with someone whose giving them objections?The people who are Superstars always come back from this. “I think you’re wrong.” or I’ll hear “Well what defines a Superstar?” Superstars can keep the conversation going and sidestep the initial rejection very easily. If they crumble under this, DO NOT HIRE THEM. You will waste your time, I’ve tried it and each time it was a mistake.
  2. Finding Salespeople in Facebook groups has really helped as well. There’s a ton of groups on Facebook that has just Salespeople in there. If you have a great commission structure, and real High Ticket Offers ($5k and above) you will be able to get a ton of interest. I’ve always found better talent in the Facebook Groups I’ve posted in, than Craigslist, Indeed.com, and Monster.comSearch for some Sales Groups, make some posts so the owner knows you’re not just going in there to recruit, and then let them know you’re hiring a Superstar, what they can make if they’re really good, and to PM you. Not hard.
  3. Your interview process has to be well thought out. When I first started hiring, I would ask a few questions, deny them a little bit, and then hire them. Every time it was a disaster, I hired the wrong person, trained them, they stayed for a little bit, and barely made any sales.Now I have a clearly defined interview process. They come through this application: http://coldtrafficguru.com/SalesSuperstar and I call them within 24-48 hours. The first question they get asked is why are they a Sales Superstar. I let them talk and then tell them I don’t think I’m hearing Superstar, if they get through that, I’ll ask some questions about where they’ve worked, have they done Door to Door Sales, have they ever sold in my industry, etc..After they go through that initial interview, I let them know I want 2 references for where they last worked, so I can follow up with them. From there, I put them in a Google Doc with their name, number, and notes on whether I thought they were that good. (You need to do this so you can remember them for the next interview if there is one) I also like having a “Bench” for when I’m looking to hire again.
    Sales Superstar Candidates

    If they make it to the 2nd Interview, here’s some of the questions I’ll ask them.

    1. If you’re going through a Cold Streak for a week or two with no sales, what would you do to fix it?
      • How do they deal with Cold Streaks? Do they step up their workload? What’s their exact process for fixing a cold streak. Superstars always have a great answer for this.
    2. What’s been a personal and professional challenge in your life that you have faced and how did you prevail?
      • How do they deal with adversity in their lives? You will see what kind of person they are with this question.
    3. How do you deal with a prospect who says he has no money or can’t afford the product?
      •  You’re Salesperson is going to run into people who say they don’t have the money, how are they going to react? What’s their rebuttals look like? Money isn’t ever really an issue if you can show them the value. If I brought you a $200,000 Lamborghini and said I’m giving it away for $25,000, you’d find the money no matter what you had to do.
    4. Tell me about the last two significant deals you won due to your own proactive sales effort. Share the whole story from beginning to end. How did you identify or create the opportunity? How did you “get in”? Describe the discovery process. Tell me about the various stakeholders. How did you build interest and consensus? Take me through the chronology of the various conversations and meetings all the way through presenting, proposing, negotiating, and closing the deal. (This question is from the book Sales Management Simplified)
      • A real Sales Pro is going to love the question, as it gives them a chance to strut their stuff and you can tell the bullshitters from the real deal.
    5. Who is the best salesperson you ever met? Why?

      • This question is from Chet Holmes. If the person is supremely confident, and a Superstar, they will say themselves. If they don’t say themselves, ask them why they thought the person they named is a better salesperson then them.
    6. What would you do in the first 6 months working for us? Tell them to outline a plan.
      • Superstars are confident that they are going to come out of the gate firing, and they’ll tell you exactly how they’re going to do it.
  4. You need to Manage, Lead, and keep your Sales Team Accountable for everything. One of the things I learned from Sales Management Simplified is to have 1 on 1 Meetings where you outline their goals for the month coming, where they were for this month, and their pipeline.Your Salespeople need to set goals that they plan on hitting so you can keep them accountable, then you can ask questions if they’re not hitting their numbers. The second thing you want to ask them, is whats in their pipeline? What’s Hot to close? Are they going to be able to hit their quarterly numbers? Are they on track for their yearly numbers?

These 4 things have helped me build a lean mean Superstar Sales Team that consistently closes $8,000 – $25,000 Deals for me every month. Focus on getting really solid Salespeople in your company and don’t settle for medicore talent. A Superstar will close 2-3x More than a regular Salesperson. I’ve seen it first hand.

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