212% Improvement in Funnel With Small Changes

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So I bought a new software that maps out your Full Funnel, with it, you can do different scenarios on what happens when you increase conversion rates just a little bit.

By just increasing the Squeeze Page’s Conversion Rate from 35% to 49% and the Front End Conversion Rate from 3.5% to 5%, we see a 212% increase in revenue.

Now these increases will take a little while to get to, but you can see the power of exponential returns.

I shot a video going over it all here.

If you want me to map out your Full Funnel and help you setup your own ATM that spits out $2-$5 for every dollar you spend on Advertising..

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Mike Buontempo is the Founder and CEO of Partner With Mike B. He's produced Millions of Dollars in Revenue for his own companies. He also Consults with High Level 6 and 7 Figure Companies on Traffic Generation, Sales Funnel Strategy, and Customer Value Optimization.

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