The Ultimate Guide to Closing High Ticket Sales [2018]

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The Ultimate ‘No Holds Barred’ Guide To Closing High Ticket Sales Every Single Day

Getting into High Ticket Sales is not easy, it takes a lot of time, effort, and willpower to finally learn how to close deals at 4 – 5 Figures if you’ve never done it before.

I got into High Ticket Sales back in 2014 when I joined Russell Brunson’s Mastermind because I wanted to start working on the backend of my business.

I trained with his sales team for a year on hiring, recruiting, the structure of the sales process, the scripting, the ads, and more.

In our first 6 months, with just a couple random hires (I was TERRIBLE at Hiring back then, now I’m so-so haha) we closed 6 Figures in Sales at $8,000 a pop and I was hooked.

After a few years of running of doing High Ticket Sales myself and running a sales team, there’s a few main things that I’ve learned and I want go over them in this post. This year we’ve done Multiple Hundred’s of Thousands of Dollars in Closes, so know this is all in the trenches stuff I’m giving you here. No theory.

The first thing you need is highly pre-sold leads that are actually interested in what you have in order to make High Ticket Sales.

There’s 3 ways we get these applications:

  1. Through our Automated Webinar which pre-sells them on our Sales Funnel and how they can license the whole thing for themselves.
  2. Our 6 Step Membership site that people buy into after purchasing, they get the course and get pre-sold into our Licensee program.
  3. Testimonial Based Salespages which go over our clients success, like this one here.

If they are going to an application like #1 and #3, we ask specific questions about their income, their goals, when they are ready to make a change in their life, why they think they’d be a good fit to work with us, etc..

When we bring someone through our 6 step program, we do a simple “Discovery” call which asks them the same questions and my salespeople write down notes on whether or not they are a good fit to work with.

We use Pipedrive to keep track of all of our leads.



After a lead comes in, I want my team on it in the first 5 minutes if possible, especially if it’s a webinar application lead. Studies have shown the contact ratio goes up by 75% after 5 minutes of a lead coming in.


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If someone just watched your whole webinar and they’re hot and ready to buy, don’t you want to be talking to them right away?

Everything is fresh in their mind, they know exactly who you are, what you do, and they’re interested enough to fill out a 10 question application.

Many people schedule them in a call, but me personally, I’d rather get them at their hottest point, if you wait a day, they might be onto the next thing.

The Homework Page After Someone Fills Out An Application

After someone fills out an application, we send them to a homework page which essentially does three things:

We tell them what to expect, we tell them we will be reviewing their application and then reaching out to them if we deem they are a good fit.

We pre-sell them with a story based customer testimonial. You want to convey the before and after transformation they had after they work with you. Ideally you want this shot by a professional videographer.

We tell them to call us and here’s why, our Dollar Per Application is 3x more when someone calls in. Think about the mindset of someone who is calling in, they are interested enough where they’re gonna pick up the phone so they can be pitched too. The psychology is now changed as well, you’re not interrupting their day with a phone call, they are calling you.

If you currently aren’t having people call into your office after they fill out an application, you’re simply leaving money on the table. We track everything to the “T” and our BEST Leads are always the ones that fill out an application and then call in. (I usually take those leads 🙂 )

The Follow Up Process for The New Lead

When a new lead comes in, this is where a lot of people drop the ball, and they drop the ball because they simply do not follow up enough. I’ve trained my team to follow up with all 3 modalities, which include the phone (obviously..), texting, and email.

You would be surprised how many people just don’t want to answer the phone, but if you shoot them a text, they will give you a quick reply, and then you can get on a call.

Some people only really use email, so that might be your go-to.

I advise my team to give each lead 7-10 follow ups by phone, 3 texts, and at least 3 emails. If you are spending $100 – $150 an application from paid advertising, you NEED your sales team following up with your leads heavily or you’ll simply flushing money down the toilet.

(Credit to Inside Sales For this Image)

Using Zapier to Segment All of Your Newest Applications

Anyone that submits an application with us (we have a lot of different funnels for this) we have an automation setup in Zapier that segments the new Wufoo app and adds them to our “Application Submitted” list.



With our follow up series, we simply confirm that we got their application and then tell them if they want a faster response, to simply call us.

We want that inbound lead since it’s worth 3x as much to as.

After a couple of emails or trying to get the lead to call us, we start following up with testimonial based videos and case studies.

You want to show very specific case studies where you outline how much money you’ve spent, what the ROI was, the ads were, etc..

You have to show your expertise here and when you do, 50% of the selling is already done for you. Your salespeople will thank you for it and it’s a lot easier to make High Ticket Sales this way.

The Sales Script

My team and I use a sales script directly from Russell Brunson that had him doing over $10 Million Dollars a year when he was running a sales floor with over 60 salespeople.

Quite simply it crushes. I never did on the phone sales in my life and closed 6 figures with it in my first 6 months.

There’s a couple main parts to the script:

The Intro

In the intro you want to establish who you are, where you’re calling from, the reason you’re calling, and you want to figure out why they figured out the application.

I always tell my team you’re searching for the deepest “Why” you can find.

Most people only give you surface level answers where they say they just want to make more money online.

Here’s a sample convo of how I’d pitch someone who just said that:

Well, everyone wants to make more money, but why?

What would the money do for you?

Well the money would help me pay off debt I have.

Why do you need to pay off that debt?

So I can get my credit back up to 700 and have some funds to work with.

What would having a 700 credit score and funds help you out with?

Well it would allow me to build my business and have the freedom I desire.

How big do you want your business to be?

Well I want it to be making 6 Figures a year..

What would that 6 figures do for you?

Well I’d be able to buy the dream house I’ve always wanted and put my kids through college so I don’t have to hear all the other parents bragging about how they’re putting theirs through college.

Do You See The Difference Between ‘Surface Level’ Answers and The Real Motivation to Make a Change?

If this was a real prospect, I’d be writing down that they want to be making 6 figures a year to get their dream house and putting their kids through college.

I’d then dive deep into where that house is, how big is that house, how much they need to make to afford it.

Then I’d get into their kids college and see exactly where they want to go, why they want to go there, and what’s going to happen if they don’t go there.

So now it’s not about whether or not they want to make some money online, it’s really about what keeps the prospect up late at night.

You’re getting to their core wants and desires, and that is the reason someone is going to hand you $10,000 (and the reason that you can really help them achieve what they’re after)

The Blast

In this part of the script, you are simply going over what kind of difference there would be if they could do this with a mentor and a team working with them.

Do they think a mentor could help them shorten the time it would take to get their dream house?

Do they think “Mike Buontempo” can help them get their kids in the college of their dreams.

If they think this can happen, then this is shaping up to a solid call so far.

If they don’t think you can help them, then you need to go back to why they filled out the application..

They wouldn’t have filled out the application if they didn’t think they could be helped.

You can dive into their current situation and ask them questions like this:

  • Do they have a website?
  • Have they ever built a business online?
  • How is their credit? (You can get your prospect funding if they need help, this also helps with your in house financing as well, you want to finance people who are going to pay their bills)
  • 6 month/12 months financial goals

The 4 Commitments

After you get through all of these, you are going to get into 4 commitments.

They must have 5-10 hours per week to work on their business. If they can’t put this much time into their business, generally they are not a good fit. You want people that are willing to put in work and aren’t looking for a fairy tale.

You’re looking for someone who is open minded and is coachable, ask them why they think they are coachable?

You do not want to work with someone who is going to be battle with you and tell you are wrong, business is hard enough, you don’t want crap clients.

Confirm that they can make a decision today. You want to know if everything makes sense at the end of this call that they can make a decision to get started today.

If they can’t get started today, there is no point in getting into the packages as you will be wasting your time. Reschedule the call for when they are good to make a decision.

This is where you actually go into the packages that you have and there’s a specific way that we do it, called “Bracketing”

Bracketing Your Prospects

“So Bob we have 3 packages available to you, we have our conservative package which does X and X (etc..) which is $3,500, we then have our more aggressive package that our average buyer takes which is where you get X and X, which is $10,000, and then finally we have our most aggressive client package where you get x, x, and x, and that is $25,000.

So Bob, do you see yourself as a conservative, aggressive, or super aggressive client?”

Here is the big thing here, 10 – 20% of your buyers want the best package you have. They want go straight to the top, get your best package and get in right away. They do not want your $3,500 package that only gives them 1 coaching call or whatever you offer.

They want to come into your office, work with you over the next 12 months, etc.. and if you are not offering that package, you are simply leaving money on the table.

There’s also one other thing bracketing does, it’s the called the “Anchoring” effect which was coined by Robert Cialdini in the book “Influence” which states that if you put 3 prices up, whatever price is the highest, anchors itself against the others.

So in retrospect, $3,500 doesn’t look that big when you have a $25,000 package that people are buying.

Now if you were selling, a $500 package, $1,000 package, and a $3,500 package, that $3,500 package would look like a lot more against the $500 package, correct? 7x more to be exact.

2 Part Close or 1 Closer

So what we just went over there, is commonly referred to as the “set” it’s seeing if the prospect is a good fit for your business.

Now there’s 2 ways to do this and I’ve done both.

You can either have your salespeople go through the whole thing start to close or you can have specific “Appointment Setters” where all their job is to see if the prospect can move over to the closer and can make a decision today.

Personally I’d like to have at least appointment setter working leads as well passing closes over to my best salespeople.

You can find Appointment Setters for around $15 an hour, depending on where you live, but that is a post for another time 🙂

If you’re using an appointment setter, after they choose a package, you are going to pump up the closer a little bit and presell them.

So you’re Appointment Setter would essentially say “Bob, I’m going to recommend you to the Head Director of our team, he’s the person who chooses who comes aboard our team. Please make sure you let him know how motivated you are to get started”

Your appointment setter would then get the closer on the line and do the intro, and then the closer can take the close from there.

The Closer’s Role

The closer takes the call from here, introduces themselves briefly, and then goes right into their goals.

What’s their 6 month goal?

What’s their 12 months goal?

Then you ask them this question:

“Bob, let’s imagine you get this mentoring and everything works out great, walk me through the perfect day in your life in 5 years.

Where are you living?

What kind of car are you driving?

What kind of revenues are your business doing?

Where are you traveling too?”

You need your prospect to imagine this, keep asking questions, they need to picture this in their head. This is where you need to take them as a client. The closer should be writing down the answers to these questions.

The more the prospect is able to imagine their new life with your product, the easier the sale is. If the prospect is reluctant to give these answers, keep digging, it’s either you paint the picture and make the sale, or you leave it to them to stay closed off and you don’t.

Great salespeople are able to paint this picture like Picasso.

The answers to these questions is the reason Bob is going to buy your high ticket service.

4 Deep Commitments and the “Yes” Slide

If you get to this point, the sale is around 80% wrapped up as long as the person has the funds to spend.

I call the portion the “Yes” slide because it’s simply taking them down a series of “Yes” questions that leads them to the close. You literally read the script and it naturally closes them.

If it could take a guy like me (who had talk to his GF through Instant Messenger and not in School because he was too intimidated to talk to her in person) into a salesperson, then it could work for you as well.

You want them to write down 4 commitments.

Time, Decision Making, Resources, and Knowledge.

There’s a couple reasons why you want them to write this down, there’s a psychological effect at play which is them complying to what you say. If they comply here, it’s easier to comply down the road.

For the time commitment, you want to make sure they have the time to follow your guidance in getting them to their goals.

Then you will tell them to cross that off their list.

The second commitment is decision making where you will ask them, “Why is it important to make decisions in business?”

You want them to be a decision maker. If they aren’t, they simply aren’t a good fit for you and your business.

Ask them if they see if anything is holding them back from making the decision to go from someone with average (whatever skills you’re selling) to being great at it?

You don’t want your prospect to be held back by anything.

“Great, go ahead and cross decision making off your list”

The 3rd commitment is resources, so you need to let them know that this decision is going to pay off and they will need X to get started.

For us, it’s advertising funds, if they don’t have money to advertise or don’t believe in advertising, it generally doesn’t make sense to bring them on as a client.

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Where 99% of High Ticket Sales are Made in the Script

This line is simply gold and if you aren’t using it right now, I highly suggest you do.

“Is making an investment today a strategy that you are willing to use as long as it pays for itself?”

If they say yes to this, 99% of the time it is locked up (as long as they have the funds to work with, where if the setter or salesperson did their job in the “set” they should have the means necessary to get started)

“So this package is X and (setter’s name) said that X would work for you as a payment, correct?

Awesome, so write down (price of product they’re buying)

So once you see the structure, and the plan of action to get this ball rolling for you, are you ready to use your credit card to make this happen?”

You wait for the yes, and then you tell them to cross off the price and resources.

Finally for the 4th deep commitment, you go into everything they are getting, step by step.

“So working with us, planning out what you need to do, do you see yourself obtaining goal, goal, and goal?

Tell me once again why you’d be a good candidate to come aboard our team?

Excellent, you said that X payment would work for you correct?

Will you be using 1 or 2 CC’s to pay for this?

How does your name appear on that card?”

Congratulations, you just closed a HIGH Ticket Sale!

Run their payment, get them a contract, get them immediately setup, if you have a private group, announce that they just joined (people love recognition) and try to include a physical item if you can.

We give each person a T-shirt at time of signup and we use GearBubble to take care of it.



Some of the Tools We Use To Close High Ticket Sales

Here’s some of the tools that we use to close High Ticket Deals

Hiring and Managing Salespeople

This could be a book in itself, but there’s a few things I’ve learned with hiring over 60 salespeople over the past 3 years.

  1. You’re looking for someone who’s going to bust their ass. You can always shape someone who is willing to work and put in the hours. I’d rather have a guy who’s going to put in the time to become better every single day, then a great salesmen who only wants to make 10 calls a day and then complain that the leads are no good.
  2. You need to have a base when you are starting, something small, but something that they can fall back on in their grace period. We give them a very small base and expect them to be over it after 2 weeks. If they aren’t, it’s clear that they are not a fit and we cut ties.
  3. We always find our best salespeople in our network, post on Facebook, post on Linkedin, email your list. Some of your customers are going to be the salespeople for you because they already understand the niche.
  4. You have to pay a nice commission to get solid salespeople, 20 – 25% works for us.
  5. You have to TRAIN them thoroughly, we give them a whole training area with what to expect, the scripts, recorded closes, how they can make $100k a year with us, rebuttals they will face, and more.
  6. You need to have Daily Sales Meetings. Talk about the wins from yesterday, pump your guys up, see what they’re having trouble with, remove obstacles in their way of succeeding, and go over a few rebuttals that they had trouble with the day before. You want your sales team to improve by 1% every single day. You want to show them you care, that you’re busting your ass to make things easier for them.If you’re not actively selling with them, what are you doing to bring them more leads? Better leads? Etc..It is not easy to retain commission only sales people, this daily meeting has really helped solve that issue for us.
  7. Don’t tolerate low performance from your guys for awhile. Salespeople will go through lulls where they will struggle for a couple weeks or a month, but allowing them to struggle for months is not acceptable if they were producing before.Find out what the problem is in a 1 on 1 meeting and work to remove it. If they still can’t produce after a couple 1 on 1 meetings, they have to go.
  8. Post weekly stats of your team, who had the Highest Dollar Per Lead? The most closes? The most revenue? Salespeople are competitive, you need to make it a contest.
  9. Review every quarter, go over stats, go over wins, go over goals, have something for the team to shoot for. In the past I’ve had Miami as a prize, go out, have a good time for a weekend, bond, and take care of your sales team.
  10. Do not have your salespeople doing anything other than selling. You don’t want them servicing accounts, attending meetings about payroll, or anything else that doesn’t involve pushing a sale further.Your salespeople should be selling and that’s it.


High Ticket Sales can COMPLETELY change your business as it did mine, it can add another 6 Figures to your income extremely fast, however it takes a lot of time to put this together. To learn how to hire salespeople, the training, the packages you are selling and more.

You will need to dedicate yourself to this over a year to really learn it. It took me that much time and I was working with a team that was closing $10 Million a Year in High Ticket (Russell Brunson).

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