How To Use Tonality To Close More Sales

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How To Use Tonality To Close More Sales

So let me guess, you want to close more High Ticket Sales?

Well, you have 4 seconds in your sales call  to come off as sharp as a tack, an authority, and someone people should listen too. You do this with the tonality in your voice. If you’re low energy, don’t sound like you want to be there, you’re making it way harder to close a sale. You have to make up so much ground after you come off as low energy that it’s not even worth testing whether or not tonality works. Just do it.

One of the most successful sales guys I ever had work for me wasn’t great with our script, English wasn’t his first language and still was the #1 guy on my team by far. His interview wasn’t great, and normally I wouldn’t bring someone like him on, simply because he had never done sales, however you can tell he had the juice. His energy simply poured through the phone and people responded well to that. He sat at around a 20% close rate, while my other salespeople could barely muster 12%.

So don’t just brush this off as “Another Sales Tactic” it really does make a difference. If you look at all the great salespeople online, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, energy pours through them, and it pours into prospects.

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