How To Use Daily Sales Meetings, Pipedrive, and Live Events to Increase Sales

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Yo, what’s going on guys? Mike Buontempo, here. And I wanna shoot this video for you just to go over some of the things that I’ve been working on in my business and in doing high ticket sales.

So I talked with one of my buddies, Matheus, I’m pretty sure that’s how you say his name, but he runs a sales team. They do anywhere from 200 to $300,000 a week in sales. In high ticket sales. And they close a ton of deals and everything. And I’m always looking to learn more, and one of the things that we recently implemented into our company is a daily sales meeting. So some of the things that we go over are, “What are the deals in the pipeline?”, “What is closing?” We go over “What are your goals today?” So when you’re dealing with sales people, you want to essentially pump them up. Sales is … it’s a battle everyday. So you’re gonna have your ups and downs, and if you’re having this sales meeting, you can pump your guys up, you can get them ready for the day, you can get them, essentially, going. You recognize your best guys winners. You pump them up. “Hey, so and so had three sales yesterday. Great job. Blah blah blah.” You wanna recognize your winners. You wanna recognize the people on your team that are doing a good job.

Also, then you can go over rebuttals. “What’s something you’re stuck on?”, “What’s something you have questions on?” So you can answer all of these questions in front of everybody. So you have your whole sales team on, you can answer the one question, and that question won’t come up as much. And it builds the comradery. I don’t have … My team is all virtual. They’re all over the United States and everything, and they’re not in my office. So with not being in the office, you have to build the comradery and have them talk to each other and go back and forth and have a little competition. And this is just the stuff that you learn as you go through it.

So if you’re running a sales team right now, or if you’re running any sort of team, I like a daily team meeting. And it’s quick, guys. It’s five to 10 minutes. Start of the day. “What are your goals?”, “What are you stuck on?”, “What do you need help with?” Especially if you have a virtual team it’s really, really, really gonna help you.

The next thing that I’m implementing is … we’re working on doing our first live event. And what I’m looking to do is just a boardroom-style event. And what you have to realize is … and this is stuff that I got from Matheus, and I … And I see the other companies in my space that kill it. When you can make a personal connection with somebody, when they meet you face-to-face, that person … they’re gonna promote for you more, they’re going to … if you have them in a payment plan, they are going to make more of their payments, and ultimately they’re just gonna be happier customers. So if you have a higher ticket package, even if you’re only selling at $2,000, if you can bring them down to a live event, not only are … you’re gonna have happier customers, you’re gonna be able to ascend them to another level, they’re gonna promote more for you, they’re going to give you testimonials.

That was, I believe, one of the big pieces of the puzzle that I was missing. I’m missing the live events. Also was missing some of the management pieces. And also, another thing that I really like that we just … we’ve used it a little bit, but as I’ve become better as a manager, I started using … let me see if I can flip this around. I guess I can’t flip this around. So let me just show you guys. So hopefully you can see that.

So, essentially, you have a lead in, a lead comes in, you have the contact made, you have whether or not they’re a great lead, you have if they’ve completed the six steps, and then you have the negotiation started. So you should … And this is in Pipedrive, and we’ve tried some other CRMs and we found … You know, when you can see all your new leads that come in, when you can see the leads that you’ve made a contact with, when you can see your great leads that completed the six steps, it’s all in front of you. And when you are doing sales and you have a ton of leads come in like we do, you want to stay organized. You wanna know what’s a great lead, who’s completed the six steps, how many contacts you’ve made, and you want all of that in front of you. Because if you don’t have that, things are gonna fall through the cracks.

And as a manager of my sales people as well, I’m able to see, “What is the percentage of people that you’re contacting?”, “What is the percentage of people that are going through the six steps?” So the more … So our course is six steps, our initial course, and it teaches them how to build an online business. And then at the end, it allows them to license the business. So if you can have a prospect that goes through the full six steps, and at the end of the six steps, you obviously pitch them, the more people that go through the six steps, the more people you’re gonna close. If you can see who is a great lead by doing your due diligence on the welcome call, you’re gonna want to put more of those great leads through the six steps. Because if they go through the six steps, they’re pre-sold, you’re gonna have a better chance of essentially closing them on the back end.

So Pipedrive, daily meetings, and live trainings, guys. Not live trainings, live events. Those are three things that I’m working on. And, yeah. So listen, guys, we close a ton, ton of deals every single week. If you need help building a sales team, or even a two-man sales team to close high ticket deals, reach out to me. [email protected], or you can fill out the application below and I can help you start building the sales team, start helping you close high ticket deals.

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