How to Make More High Ticket Sales [2018]

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How to Make More High Ticket Sales in 2018

  1. “You Only Get 1 Shot..”

    If you’re on the phone with someone whose a solid prospect for more than an hour, then it’s your job to push for the sale (we’re assuming the product is going to help them immensely)

Most salespeople are timid, weak, and can’t close for shit. They run into one little objection and shut down..

“I don’t think it’s the right time for me and my family..”

Well Bob you just told me you’ve been trying to make a living online for the past 2 years on your own and you haven’t made a dime yet. You’ve told me that you need a mentor and that you believe I can help you, so when is it going to be a good time?

Right now is the best time to go. I don’t want you waiting another 2 years to change your life.

  1. Segment your Best Leads in Your CRM”

Segment your best leads into a “Great Leads” column in your CRM.

If you just talked to your perfect prospect for an hour, they have the means to join your program, you know you can help them, but they just won’t join right now, you NEED TO FOLLOW UP.

They did a study, over 85% of salespeople stop after 1 Follow Up attempt. If you are not following up with your perfect prospect with Email, Texts, and Phone Calls, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

I did a discovery call with a lead who bought one of my front end programs, found out they’re a great fit to work with, well they stopped answering the phone, so I simply followed up 8 times over the next 7 days. When I finally got in touch, they said they were glad to hear from me and they joined one of my flagship programs.

Maybe 4/10 of salespeople would have segmented that person as a great lead.

Then maybe one of them would have followed up 8 times..

But that’s the difference in making the sale and not making it sometimes…

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