How I’d Build a 6 Figure Sales Team From Scratch

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So I get asked a lot how I would build a brand new sales team from scratch if I were to do it all over again and in this new podcast I break it all down.

1. Hire appointment setters that are driven by a custom script if you have a ton of leads to call through. Have them make 150 – 200 calls a day.

2. Perfect the sales process yourself so you know what’s possible to close in a single month, then you can sell that result to another salesperson.


What’s up guys? Mike Buontempo here, and just doing this quick little podcast for you guys. I have a webinar in about an hour. I figured I do a little podcast on what I would do if I was starting from scratch and rebuilding my sales team, and staying the same niche, or a niche where I’m getting a ton of leads and a ton of calls need to be made. I’m in the biz op niche, the Internet marketing niche, and if I was restarting, literally today, with nothing, just the knowledge that I have, and I got a funnel, and I’m having new buyer leads coming in every day, here’s exactly what I would do. I would hire, first off, I would hire a setter right off Upwork. Somebody that does appointment setting, somebody that’s around $13-$14, and then I would give them a bonus of $25-$30 for each successful set that is done.

If you’re having all of these leads come in for whatever, if it’s a biz op, or for an IM offer, 10 to 20% of them are going to want to work with you, or get more mentoring, or buy a high ticket package. If you’re going to build a sales team and you have to run your business and do all this stuff, you want to hire a setter. Somebody that is going to be driven by a script that you give them a script and they can set these leads for you. Essentially, the script says can they afford you? Can they afford your consulting? What’s the number one thing that they’re going to close on? Just goes over their finances and different stuff like that.

I learned a lot of this stuff from Russell Bronson and his scripts and stuff. Just going back to it, I would hire somebody immediately on Upwork, or I would actually, I’d probably test 2 to 3 people. Because one of them’s just going to get you so many more sets than the others, and then you could get rid of the other people. Let’s just say you bring in 500 buyer leads a month. If you are doing that, then your setter should be making 100 to 150 calls a day.

Now, personally me, I don’t want to make 100 to 150 calls a day with the numerous other things I have to do. What I want to do is I want to close. That’s all I want to do. I just want to get on the phone, and close deals, and have my setter essentially connect me with people, “Hey Mike, I have Bob on the other line, Bob agreed to a $10,000 consulting package. Bob’s retired, here’s his income, here’s exactly how he wants to do it, blah, blah.” You get a whole synopsis, and your good. You get on a call, and you close them, and you go from there. Starting all over, hire maybe one or two, maybe three appointment setters. You don’t want to just go out there and hire a salesperson straight commission if you’re just starting.

The reason why is, if you don’t know how well you’re going to convert these leads, it doesn’t make sense to go through the churn and burn of these salespeople. When you’re first getting started, you don’t know what these salespeople can earn, you don’t know how well they’re going to convert, and you don’t want them to really just be pounding the phones. They’re going to actual, legit closers don’t really like pounding the phones. They want to cherry pick the best leads, they want to get on closes. That’s what they want to do. They don’t want to just sit there and pound the phone and make 150 to 200 calls. Look for an appointment setter on Upwork, on Freelancer. You could find some. I literally just hired three appointment setters. I have so many leads. They just feed me closes. It really works great. You don’t have to stay on the phone all day, you just wait for their calls to come in, wait for the sets to be passed over to you.

Essentially, you close them, and you’re just going to get so many more closes, and you have more time to free yourself up to do other things. Yeah, I don’t recommend hiring a salesperson right out of the gate unless your sales process is perfected. Also too, what I want to mention is, as you get better as a salesperson, like me, I’m a lot better salesperson than I was two years ago, you can start to see what can actually be closed. You can see if you could close $50,000 a month, or $100,000 a month just by yourself with maybe a setter or whatever, and then when you go to a salesperson, you actually have legitimate numbers you can give to them, and they can’t bull shit you.

If the guy’s a superstar, says he’s a superstar, and you close, let’s just say you close $50,000 in contracts last month, and you go to him and you hire him, and he doesn’t close anybody, or he closes one deal or whatever and he comes back, “Oh, the leads are shit, or this is shit.” Well buddy, listen, I just closed $50,000 worth of business last month with the same amount of leads.

So the leads aren’t shit, you’re shit.” It’s another thing too to make sure that you have the sales process confirmed. Like you know exactly how the sales process is, and you actually have real results. And too, when you go to hire salespeople, you’re going to just be a lot more confident in the interviews too. If you’re hiring a really good salesperson and you’re doing straight commission, or you’re doing a base draw, you can really go in there and say, “Listen, I closed $50,000, or a closed $60,000 last month.

If you’re good, if you’re as good as me, if you’re better, you’ll be able to close the same amount. If you’re not that good, then you’re not going to close that amount.” You can’t really be lied to. For a long time, I didn’t really get on the phone. I only really started getting back on the phone this past month just to see how hard it was to close some of these people, and to see what numbers I could hit. Because most of the time I just have two really solid salespeople that close deals for me, but I wanted to see what I could hit. I put some nice numbers on the board more than both of my salespeople, so now I kind of see, “Okay, well, we can close this amount of deals with me working half the time, or one fourth of the time that you guys are working, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hit these numbers.” “Hey, listen, I closed …” And this is just an example, “Listen, I closed $40,000 last month worth of deals, and I worked half the time as you.”

If a salesperson, you know you have a new salesperson, if they’re trying to bull shit you and say, “Oh, well, you know, the leads aren’t that good.” Or, “I’m not, blah, blah.” You know what can be accomplished, because you already closed $40,000 last month, and you have that confidence to just say, “Listen, you know what? You’re not that good, you’re not working that hard.” Main thing to take away from this podcast is, number one, if you have a lot of leads and you have a high ticket product, I definitely would recommend getting an appointment setter.

Just somebody that could call through all the leads, pretty much cherry pick the best guys, go through a script, make sure they’re ready to go, and transfer them over to you to close. That’s the first thing. That will really help you just close so many more deals, free up your time, and ultimately, make you more money.

The second thing is, make sure that you, yourself, first off, you should be doing some sales calls. That was a mistake I made. The second thing is, just make sure that you actually perfect your sales process so you know what is possible. What you could actually do. You’re going to have to sell your salespeople, “Listen, I closed $50,000 last month, you should be able to do that or more because you’re going to have double the time that I have. You’re not running the whole business. And if you’re that good, you should be able to close more, blah, blah, blah.”

They can’t come back and say, “Oh, well the leads are shit, or it can’t be done, or whatever it is.” If you’re building the sales team right now, or if you need help building the sales team, let me know, should have an application below. Definitely have a lot of experience doing it, and a lot of mistakes, lot of things I’ve learned. This is Mike Bountempo, signing off, talk to you guys later.

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