#1 High Ticket Marketing Mistake

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#1 Media Buying Mistake When Buying Traffic for a High Ticket Offer

Want to know one of the biggest High Ticket Media Buying mistakes people make when buying traffic for a High Ticket Product?

Well of course you do.

Most marketers (myself included) simply shut off ads way too soon. When you are dealing with High Ticket Sales ($8,000 – $25,000), there’s a longer sales cycle then a $7 front end product, so if you spend $1,000 – $2,000 and you don’t make any sales, you might be quick to shut off ads, but you have to realize that a lot of people need to see a couple different things from you before they book a call/join you.

Somebody might opt in, watch your webinar (still not book a call), open up a couple follow up emails, watch those videos, then finally book a call 45 days later because they’ve been getting retargeting from you this whole time.

This is what happens a lot of times for us. People will not book a call until 30 – 45 days after being introduced to us, but most marketers will just shut off their ads and say this isn’t working because they didn’t ROI on day 15.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

You get 200 people to register for your Webinar for $7 which costs = $1,400.

2-3% are going to book a call right then and there.

8-10% are going to book a call with your Retargeting and Follow Up Emails.

If you get 4 booked calls out of the initial webinar, maybe 3 show up, and 2 are unqualified, and then the last one is a great fit, but he just isn’t ready to get started, so you schedule to talk with him in a couple days.

Well the average marketer is pissed here, he just spent $1,400, got some booked calls, but still hasn’t made any money. Maybe this whole online thing is a scam..

Here’s what the PRO knows, the 8-10% of booked calls you pick up later are going to more then make up for the original $1,400 you spent.

Over the next 45 days, you get 16 more booked calls from the original optins and 2 of them are perfect fits, they sign up right away and you just made $16,000.

Over the 45 days you spend $30 a day collectively for Retargeting on Facebook and Adwords (which includes Youtube)

Your total spend over 45 days = $1,400 for original traffic and $1,350 for Retargeting.

Total Spend = $2,750

Total Revenue = $16,000

Total Profit = $13,250

So the next time you start promoting a High Ticket Sales Funnel or your own, remember, most of your results are going to come later in the campaign if you have your Retargeting and Follow Up Emails setup correctly. If you give up on the campaign too early, you will leave most of your money on the table.

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