Testing Different Ads on Facebook in 2018 [Cut Costs]

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Testing Different Ads on Facebook in 2018 [Cut Costs]

Facebook Ads are getting more competitive every single day and the only way to compete is by having a dialed in Sales Funnel and Testing Different Ads, Angles, and Placements. In this video we go over 2 new campaigns I set up with radically different angles. One does pretty good and one bombs.

However, there’s an ad set in the one campaign that’s crushing all of my other ones. Watch the full video to see which one it is.

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About The Author

Mike Buontempo is the Founder and CEO of Partner With Mike B. He's produced Millions of Dollars in Revenue for his own companies. He also Consults with High Level 6 and 7 Figure Companies on Traffic Generation, Sales Funnel Strategy, and Customer Value Optimization.