How To Use Angles in Your Marketing to Get Cheaper Traffic

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How To Use Angles in Your Marketing to Get Cheaper Traffic

Most people say the same old thing in their advertising, “Discover How I Made X,XXX in 30 days” and the problem is the market has already heard that said 100 times before. They’re bored of it, they don’t believe it, and frankly they do not care. If you want to juice up your marketing campaigns, you need to come in with a fresh new “Angle” that no one is using. A “Big Idea” that’s going to stop the reader in their tracks and say “Hey, what’s this all about..”

If you want to get a higher click-through rate on your ads and get cheaper traffic, angles are going to juice up your marketing.

So we created this ad off the cuff:

Angles in Your Marketing
As you can see, it’s a brand new “Big Idea” that most likely no one is using. Will it work? It might crush it, it might bomb, but you need to come up with multiple angles to get new prospects into your Sales Funnel every single day and the only way to do that is with new angles.

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