A Quick Guide to Solo Ads – Case Study

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Dedicated Email Blasts are a valuable tool to use when you want to get a lot of new traffic to your site while split testing different subject lines and ad copy…

They allow you to ACCESS, not BUY a person or company’s list.


In order to execute a profitable blast, you must know your numbers well:

  • My revenue per lead is around $4 after a full year
  • I am looking for a cost per click around $0.60
  • The percentage of clicks that turn into leads is 35%


I found two separate lists to run a dedicated email blast on: My Daily Worth and ArcaMax.

I wanted to test their lists by starting near a $1k spend for a portion of their lists.  If the blast proves profitable, then I can scale up the spend from there and hit a larger audience.

I prefer to hop on a phone call with a contact from the company to see if their price and numbers can match what I am looking for…


On the call, the important metrics to discuss are:

  • List cost
  • The number of subscribers
  • CPM
  • The open rate
  • The click through rate

Also important: Is split testing three subject lines an option?

Once I am given these metrics, I calculate the CPC of the list by taking the number of subscribers / the open rate / CTR.

First, let’s examine my dedicated email blast with My Daily Worth:


My Daily Worth had a list cost of $2,025, 300,000 subscribers, an estimated 10% open rate, and an estimated 10% CTR.


NameList Cost# of SubscribersCPMOpen RateCTREstimated ClicksCPCCPLLeads
My Daily Moment$2,025300,000$6.7510%10%3000$0.67$1.771140


That means an estimated $0.67 CPC and $1.77 cost per lead.  I split tested the following subject lines:


  1. Your Pending Commissions
  2. Your Payment
  3. New Facebook Training


Let’s look at the results for My Daily Worth:


Subject LineCostOpen RateUnique ClicksCPCGross RevenueLeadsCPLCPAEPCs
Your Pending Commissions$67512%319$2.11$772148$4.56$337.50$2.42
Your Payment$67517%549$1.22$21231$2.92$225$0.03
New Facebook Training$67515%624$1.08$21283$2.38$225$0.03


The subject line with the best open rate was “Your Payment” with a 17% open rate, however the most unique clicks came from “New Facebook Training“. You can also see that the subject line “Your Pending Commissions” had the greatest earnings as we had a customer take all of the upsells so it skewed the numbers a little bit.

When we go back to this list, we are going to test the “Your Payment” against “New Facebook Training” to figure out which one really is the better subject line.


Let’s move on to my ArcaMax dedicated email blast…

ArcaMax had a list with 1,320,000 subscribers, a 6% open rate, and an estimated CTR of 8.23%.


They had the option to blast half the list and I got the price down to $1,452.

The estimated CPC would be $0.33 and the CPL would be $0.97.

NameList Cost# of SubscribersCPMOpen RateCTREstimated ClicksCPCCPLLeads


They allowed me to only split test 2 subject lines (they also had specific rules so I could not use my best converting subject lines):

  1. Brand New System Earns $516 A Day
  2. You’ve Been Approved For $516 A Day


Let’s look at the results for ArcaMax:

Subject LineCostOpen RateUnique ClicksCPCGross RevenueLeadsCPLCPAEPCs
Brand New System Earns $516 A Day$7266.89%399$1.81$132142$5.11$363$0.33
You’ve Been Approved For $516 a Day$7268.49%758$0.95$575293$2.47$726$0.76


The subject line with the best open rate was “You’ve Been Approved For $516 a Day” with a 8.49% open rate. We received almost double the unique clicks with “You’ve been Approved for $516 a Day” and we cut our cost per lead in half as well. The gross revenue was $575 on the winning headline, with a bunch of recurring in there, we should ROI.


From here, I want to make sure we find the winning subject line, so I’ll probably test: “You’ve Been Approved For $516 a Day“, “New Facebook Training“, and “Your Payment“, to see which one comes out the winner.


The goal is here to consistently test the subject line, then you can start testing the body copy to find the one that produces either the most clicks, or the cheapest cost per lead. ROI is something you can test, but usually when you have a cheap CPL and the list is targeted, you’ll have the greatest chances of ROI as well.

I’ve spent over $214,126 in the past year and a half on email traffic and it’s produced over $800,000 in revenue on just my front end sales funnel, for an ROI 274.1%. Email Traffic can be one of the best Media Buys you can make if you know your numbers, track everything properly, and scale accordingly.

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